“I will be playing all the Beethoven Sonatas in a series of open concerts that will hopefully culminate in an entire performance of all 32 sonatas in a single day!”

Watch me play a little Beethoven

Sebastian Stanley Publicity Photo 1

My name is Sebastian Stanley. I am a 33 year old classical pianist with an infinite interest in art, culture and all aspects of music. I have been playing all over the world as a soloist since I was 18 and have recorded many albums over in my country of Birth, Spain. I have settled in the wonderful and ever thriving town of St Albans after my years of studying at the Royal College of Music, where I now teach piano and have many other hobbies (Wine and Art certainly being one of the main ones).

My father is the driving factor behind my ‘Beethoven’ story and because he survived 2 very aggressive forms of cancer I wanted to try and do something amazing for other cancer sufferers and himself. He always dreamed of the day I would play all these sonatas and I am trying my hardest to make that a reality now. He is too weak to travel, but I have never seen him so happy as he is now, at the thought of myself performing such a feat of pianism. Macmillan can drastically help people such as myself and my family to come to terms with what Cancer can do to a family.

I live with my wonderful and supportive husband Chris and I look forward to bringing this amazing and moving music to you all!