ALL CHANGE! but still going ahead in 2018/2019. We will do this!!!

Piano Art 4

Sorry for the very late and overdue blog post. Since this whole project was conceived my own life has taken many rather unexpected and unhappy turns. This has meant that through no fault of my own, the project has been put on hold. I am starting now to get my life back on the right path and have many exciting things coming up, starting with my marriage to my partner of 14 years, Christopher Pennelegion, in October.

I am still going ahead and practice is underway again, a year later than planned and the current course of action is to play all 32 Sonatas over the course of many concerts; both marathons and standard recitals in length. These concerts will be planned from the start of 2018 and spread over a 9/12 months period.

More news to follow… but there will still be a concert on the 11th of November 2017 of works adored by my hero, Denise Barrington (my recently passed Grandmother, who died of complication with Alzheimer’s Disease which she fought for many years). The programme will include the Bach-Busoni Chaconne and various pieces by Liszt.

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